Program Development

You’re missing out on an opportunity if your contract rehabilitation company can’t provide you with more than staffing. BenCura’s planned care programs increase efficiency, personalization, and coordination. We offer your skilled nursing facility or hospital the following Cura Functional Outcome Programs:

  • Contracture Management Program
  • ADL Retraining Program
  • Seating and Positioning Program
  • Walk and Dine Program
  • Dysphagia Management Program
  • Dining Program

Depending on your residents’ needs, each of our programs provides access to the following 3 levels of care:  

  1. Skilled Rehabilitation Services—We perform medically prescribed therapy to improve or restore functions that have been impaired, permanently lost, or reduced by illness or injury.   We may also design and implement a safe and effective restorative or functional maintenance program. When our therapists’ rehabilitation services are completed, BenCura supports continued recovery, conditioning, and reconditioning through the next two levels of care.
  2. Restorative Nursing—We promote continued functional recovery through programs that our skilled rehabilitation services design at the time of discharge. These programs are implemented and supervised by licensed nursing personnel, supported by our skilled therapist, and typically implemented by a restorative aide.  This level of care serves as a bridge between skilled rehabilitation and nursing programs.
  3. Functional Maintenance—We foster strong collaboration between your nursing team and our rehabilitation team.  The nursing and rehabilitation staffs together ensure that every resident is maintaining the skills acquired through our skilled rehabilitation services and/or restorative services.  

And to ensure all of the above runs smoothly, we can provide you with the icing on the cake: an onsite program manager who serves as your facility liaison.

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