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When budgets are tight and reliable staffing scarce, choosing the right contract rehabilitation service is a vital decision. BenCura will partner with your skilled nursing facility or hospital to create sustainable, adaptable success. As interventionists in the industry, our strategy is to enhance patient outcomes and bottom lines through:

Holistic Care

We believe the body cannot be treated piecemeal. Our regional and program managers, who are also trained therapists, take a three-in-one approach: they coordinate speech, occupational, and physical therapists’ care of each patient before and during admittance, while allowing for customized care within each program. Our clinicians are all on the same page from day one, so that in the often fast-paced, chaotic environment of rehabilitation, no patient experiences delayed or mismanaged care, and denials and readmittances are minimized.

Functional Outcomes

Our patient-centered data collection help our clients build and develop their facility’s successful care in the long term. Our state-of-the-art, propriety software provides our clients and patients with unparalleled access to patients’ progress, goals, and success postdischarge—their functional outcomes. Better information means we provide better care—both structured and customized, both inside and outside rehabilitation.

Agile Administration

We lighten our clients’ loads by keeping up with the latest in technology and regulations. Our proprietary CPT-reporting software and continuing education programs ensure that therapists bill insurances at the appropriate RUG levels with a minimum of administrative time. Still working with paper? We can help you get an electronic reporting system in place.

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