Ben: adjective. good.  From Spanish bien.
Cura: noun. Latin for care.

BenCura stands for good care—literally. Each of our patients enjoys the care not only of excellent individual therapists, but of a whole team of staff and administrators dedicated to agile, streamlined, and customized service.

Every facet of BenCura comes together under the umbrella of good care. From recruiting therapists from top schools, to on-target, innovative responses to changing reimbursement regulations, we are committed to unparalleled therapy and a safe and positive working environment for each and every resident, therapist, and client. By creating lasting relationships with our clients, we rise above standard rehabilitation and therapy practices and commit to a service-delivery model that’s sustainable and outcome driven.

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Thu, Jan 26, 2017

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Our CEO Sheewayne Sandoval was honored to be interviewed...