Founder and president Sheewayne Sandoval has directed BenCura (formerly Speech and Language Healthcare Practice) for eight years. Sandoval brings to BenCura an impressive track record of transforming troubled and unproductive staffing situations in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities into positive, productive work environments. She earned her master’s of arts in speech language pathology from the University of Maryland.  When not directing BenCura, she continues her commitment to education as a guest lecturer to medical students and rehabilitation graduate programs. As an educator, she focuses on bridging gaps within healthcare and promoting a comprehensive frame for intervention. 

Sandoval has honed BenCura’s competitive edge as a first responder to changing Medicare reimbursement regulations. As the architect of BenCura’s Cura Functional Outcome Programs, she recognized the need to coordinate therapists across disciplines for more efficient, flexible care. As a result, Sandoval team of experts has put together a variety of interdisciplinary care programs that ensure her management team and therapists are outcome focused.

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Thu, Jan 26, 2017

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Our CEO Sheewayne Sandoval was honored to be interviewed...